Monday, September 30, 2013

this just in: OCTOBER

I took this gorgeous photo today behind my apartment.  //////////  I just had to share this.   

Are you ready for pumpkin spice, orange leaves, and costumes? I have been waiting all year for this. October ushers in the following 3 months of  non-stop celebratory eating. I mean really everywhere you go there are cheese and meat trays and bowls of candy. 

Also being outdoors is best this time of year. There are so many incredible colors. Maybe I am a little biased with fall colors and my love for them since I am a redhead. Seriously though, everything outside is like an instagram filter is permanently on and I love it.  

Next is the fashion. I have been dying to drag out my riding boots and scarves and pair them with this season's skinny jeans. Oh and I want to get some more riding boots. I am obsessed with riding boots. October is the best time for them because they aren't soaking wet from trudging around in the snow.

Lastly Halloween, I think nothing else is needed to be said here. Cheers & happy October everyone.