Monday, June 9, 2014


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I made a new years resolution to better my hand-lettering skills. This has not been too hard as they are extremely weak. I love typography so therefore I feel rather like a fraud for not being somewhat versed in actually drawing type. In an effort to work on my new year's resolution, I purchased Drawing Type, an Introduction to Illustrating Letterforms by Alex Fowkes. Naturally along with the book I bought graph paper and tracing paper. It has been slow-going, but very enjoyable. I will admit that tracing all the different fonts has been incredibly enlightening. I have been able to really appreciate each letter for what it is and not just the word that the letter makes which is then is paired with something fancy or another word/font.

This book is a lot of fun with its mini exercises. It also includes an immense amount of work by incredible type artists with a little bit about their background. If you are not interested in learning the art of hand-lettering I would still highly suggest this for an aesthetically pleasing read.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Somewhere In Chelsea

New York City vintage type. Even on such a overcast day this building looks gorgeous. I want to live here and throw parities on the rooftop.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New York City in the spring is the best time of year, I am absolutely in love.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

on my mind

Spring has sprung! Nothing feels more like spring than all the beautiful plants that can be bought and then loved and nurtured from Farmer's Markets all over. Due to designing and decorating the interior of my new apartment in New York, plants are always on my mind. Not just the different types, but how to keep them alive, how to stylize them within my home and how many more I can add to my collection.

My favorite flower is the Gardenia. This is also my Mother's and one that is dear to my heart. The fresh floral fragrance always brings romanticized childhood memories flooding into my mind. I will admit it is also my signature scent. I wear the Tocca Florence perfume often which is rich with the floral scent of Gardenias. If you are ever in Anthropologie or Sephora smell it, you will be in love. Not only is this flower fragrant, but an absolutely astounding white flower.

My favorite plant right now is all the different succulent variations. This plant also is close to my heart being that it was my favorite piece in the ensemble of my wedding bouquet. Succulents are desert flowers/ plants that are incredibly easy to take care of and look stunning. I am currently collecting all the best looking succulent variations from the Union Square Farmer's Market to create a gorgeous coffee table arrangement.

What are some of your favorite spring plants?

Monday, September 30, 2013

this just in: OCTOBER

I took this gorgeous photo today behind my apartment.  //////////  I just had to share this.   

Are you ready for pumpkin spice, orange leaves, and costumes? I have been waiting all year for this. October ushers in the following 3 months of  non-stop celebratory eating. I mean really everywhere you go there are cheese and meat trays and bowls of candy. 

Also being outdoors is best this time of year. There are so many incredible colors. Maybe I am a little biased with fall colors and my love for them since I am a redhead. Seriously though, everything outside is like an instagram filter is permanently on and I love it.  

Next is the fashion. I have been dying to drag out my riding boots and scarves and pair them with this season's skinny jeans. Oh and I want to get some more riding boots. I am obsessed with riding boots. October is the best time for them because they aren't soaking wet from trudging around in the snow.

Lastly Halloween, I think nothing else is needed to be said here. Cheers & happy October everyone.

urban in the burbs

I run past this spot at least 3 times a week. It was only today with the light shinning just right and the leaves changing that I noticed how beautiful this graffiti is. Creative expressions are truly everywhere. We just need to be more aware and open to them for inspiration.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I am a girlie girl. Therefore I was powdering my nose today. No I was actually adding some contours to my cheek bones. Then I fell for these bold colors.
This lovely face powder is Chocolate Soleil from Too Faced. It is literally made with cocoa powder and smells like chocolate. I am in love. It is also a 100% matte bronzer which is most ideal for contouring the cheeks. I highly recomend it.