Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer's End

Summer is officially over. Yesterday was the last day to wear white pants. This is seriously bumming me out because I bought the most gorgeous, white, laced maxi at the designer H&M in Soho, NY and I only wore it twice.

However, after browsing Nordstrom's fall catalogue I will live. Bring on the british tan riding boots, pea coats, and black on black. I can't emphasize enough how ready I am for riding boots or any boots at all. I have my eye set on several. 

Sorry, not sorry about the second Mary-Kate and Ashley post. They just know what the hell is up with high fashion in New York. Yes, yes and I love them and the cheetah (again) this fall. 

As for the LK Bennett boots, no way I will get those this season at that price. However, the Clarks boots are a yes. In fact my girlfriend Dina just got them in the British tan. She is one of the first girls in the west to have them. (Privileged information through a certain Clark's manager.)

I think this season I NEED a quilted coat along with a new pea coat. These two are both on my radar hard. Please note both are extremely redhead friendly. My husband, Trey, has the  Guess Military pea coat from last season (mens version) and loves it. Its so warm. Cheers.